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“My husband & I recently planned a trip to revisit Baltimore and the Harbor since last visiting in 1984. Our choice of accomodations could not have been bettter! We reserved a room at the very charming and eloquent "Hotel Brexton" and stayed for three nights. So wish it had been longer. This place is not only a piece of history but employs a very small and exceptional staff. It offers a kind of intimacy that is rare. The amenities, the room and esp. the bathroom are incredibly gorgeous and special. Check it out online; but beware the only way to really appreciate this place is to visit it in 'the flesh'. We were mesmerized by the architecture; esp the spiral staircase. This is not your Motel 6 or even Holiday Inn, but so worth the "specialness" of a historic landmark and great staff who work hard to make your stay so enjoyable.“
TripAdvisor Guest Review

“A nice option for out-of-towners in Mt. Vernon“
Jim G.

“No two rooms are the same and it is down town accessible“
George G.

“The HOTEL BREXTON is for people who appreciate the restoration of a wonderful, grand building. It is respectfully and thoughtfully designed.“
Nancy M.

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