LGBTQ Friendly

Hotel Brexton is located in Baltimore's largest and longest established Arts and Culture District and not only welcomes, but truly celebrates everyone and embraces all walks of life.  Our front desk is staffed twenty four hours a day, and our attentive staff is here to help you to discover the Mt. Vernon Baltimore neighborhood and all that it offers!

Our goal is to offer assistance and directions to your destination, and to help you to uncover local flavor and treasures that you might have missed so that you desire to return again whether here for business or pleasure. It is our goal to welcome you to Baltimore and to make you feel at home, and we invite you to let us know how we can make your stay an enjoyable one. We look forward to sharing our beautiful Baltimore accommodations with you.

Please consider us as the destination for your wedding party (LGBT or STR8), business retreat and venue for other group "getaways" as we offer a 29-room elegance in a historic building fit for your Duke or Duchess and the entire Court!

Mt. Vernon is the birthplace of Baltimore's LGBT community, and has always been a vibrant and culturally diverse destination boasting a thriving gay and lesbian friendly scene long before gay rights – including marriage equality – were mainstream. It is also home to the the LGBT Community Center of Baltimore and Central Maryland (GLCCB).

Please read further to uncover the Mt. Vernon Arts & Culture and Historical offerings as well as our easy access to and from surrounding communities and outside of Maryland.

For a list of LGBT events in Baltimore click here

Nice interview about Baltimore, with a focus on Mt. Vernon Baltimore.

"I found this hotel on Tripadvisor for my one night stay in Baltimore. I went to Maryland for 5 days only spending one in the city and this was a cute hotel. Check in was easy and friendly. The elevator is small and there is this really cool staircase. The rooms are updated and the beds are great! We ubered to PF Changs at the harbor for dinner then came back to drop our food and decided to walk across to the bar. The bar was a gay bar and my friend and I (2 girls) are straight. We were a little worried at first but after the first 10 minutes everyone was very friendly and 1 drink turned to 5. Great hotel, great area and good people." 

Mt. Vernon Baltimore is the birthplace of the LGBT community in Baltimore, much because of its rich Arts & Culture, and because the largest of Baltimore's almost 70 theatre companies reside in Mt. Vernon. It is Centrally located with bordering neighborhoods of Charles Village, Remmington, Bolton Hill, and Downtown, and with close access to many others including Hampden, Roland Park, Mt. Washington, Homeland, Guilford, Inner Harbor, Fells Point, Canton, and Federal Hill.

Hotel Brexton is a short and safe walk to The Meyerhoff Symphony, Lyric Theatre, Walter's Art Museum, Center Stage​, Spotlighters Theatre​, Antique Row, The Baltimore Basilica, Mount Vernon Place Conservancy, The Peabody Institute, Eubie Blake National Jazz Institute, MICA (MD Institute College of Art), University of Baltimore, University of MD Medical Center, The Engineer's Club, several Art galleries, nightlife that cannot be found in the Counties, and about 50 Restaurants of almost any culinary cuisine. A short uber, cab, stop on the Light Rail or FREE City Circulator Bus is The Baltimore Museum of Art, Edgar Allan Poe's Grave, Everyman Theatre​, The Hippodrome Theatre, Johns Hopkins University​, and the Baltimore Harbor, Science Center and Aquarium.

Like most of the world now, Baltimore has adapted to the belief that there does not have to be "gay bars" or "gay friendly" or "gay marriage" any more than would be the case if one were to exchange the word "gay" with "black" or "Jew" or any other specific identity. We believe that the words "bars" or "friendly" or "marriage" suffice. And while there are still clubs, events and venues that identify as gay, black, Jew, etc. today people want primarily to be themselves and unlabeled.

That said, Mt. Vernon Baltimore was gay before it was "OK" to be gay! The LGBTQ population may outweigh the number of straight residents (?), but not by a ridiculous proportion. It's the hub of theatre, arts and culture in Baltimore and the people here welcome you for who you are (with obvious exceptions like haters, etc.). You never hear of "straight bashers" in the LGBTQ community.

So Mt. Vernon Baltimore is a place where the LGBTQ community and visitors can feel more comfortable than in many places in America showing affection for their LGBTQ partner, husband, wife or date. Walking hand in hand in public or gazing into the eyes of the same-sex person across the table from you in a restaurant or kissing your same sex date goodnight are more comfortable in a community like Mt. Vernon Baltimore, Dupont Circle in DC, Center City Philly, or Manhattan in NY.

Furthermore, residents, tourists and business people are generally drawn to the safety and cleanliness of an LGBTQ neighborhood. As I always say: Where the cultured and gay live, there are parades instead of riots and glamour instead of guns! (And naturally "gun show" in the LGBTQ community means that the men are wearing tank tops - haha!)


Leon's of Baltimore
870 Park Ave 21201 (across the street)
Phaze 10 Southern & American & Jazz
885 Howard St. 21201  (3 min walk, 0.2 mile)
Club Hippo
1 W. Eager St. 21201 (3 min walk, 0.2 mile)
Grand Central Club
1001 N. Charles St. 21201 (4 min walk, 0.2 mile)
Red Maple (Dinner & Dance Club)
930 N. Charles St. 21201 (4 min walk, 0.2 mile)
After Hours Club 1722
1722 N. Charles St., 21201 (1.0 mile away)
Baltimore Harbor
(1.8 miles away)
Fells Point
(2.6 miles away)
Horseshoe Casino
(2.7 miles away)
Baltimore Eagle Night Club and Bar
2022 N Charles St (1.1 miles away)

Antique Row Howard Street
(4 min walk, 0.2 mile)
Maryland Historical Society – 201 W. Monument St. 21201
(6 min walk, 0.3 mile)
The Engineer's Club – 11 W. Mt. Vernon Pl. 21201
(7 min walk, 0.3 mile)
Vernon United Methodist Church – 10 E. Mt. Vernon Pl. 21202
(8 min walk, 0.4 mile)
Washington Monument – 1221 N. Calvert St. 21202
(8 min walk, 0.4 mile)
Baltimore Basilica – 409 Cathedral St. 21201
(10 min walk, 0.5 mile)
Baltimore Ghost Tours – The Mt. Vernon Ghost Walk Tour

Antique Row Howard Street
(4 min walk, 0.2 mile)
Maryland Historical Society – 201 W. Monument St. 21201 (6 min walk, 0.3 mile)
The Engineer's Club – 11 W. Mt. Vernon Pl. 21201
(7 min walk, 0.3 mile)
Vernon United Methodist Church
10 E. Mt. Vernon Pl. 21202 (8 min walk, 0.4 mile)
Mount Vernon Place Conservancy
1221 N. Calvert St. 21202 (8 min walk, 0.4 mile)
Walter's Art Museum
600 N. Charles St. 21201 (9 min walk, 0.4 mile)
Peabody Institute
1 E Mt. Vernon Pl. 21202 (9 min walk, 0.4 mile)
Baltimore Basilica
409 Cathedral St. 21201 (10 min walk, 0.5 mile)
Grimaldis Gallery
523 N. Charles St. 21201 (10 min walk, 0.5 mile)
Galerie Myrtis
2224 N. Charles St. 21218 (1.1 miles away)
Edgar Allan Poe's Grave
515 W. Fayette St. 21201 (1.3 miles away)
Baltimore Museum of Art
10 Art Museum Dr. 21218 (1.8 miles away)
National Great Blacks in Wax Museum 
1601 E. North Ave., 21203 (1.8 miles away)
The Jewish Museum of MD
15 Lloyd St. 21202 (1.8 miles away)
American Visionary Art Museum
800 Key Hwy, 21230  (2.3 miles away)

BSO at Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall
1212 Cathedral St. 21201 (4 min walk, 0.2 mile)
Eubie Blake National Jazz Institute
847 N. Howard St. 21201  (4 min walk, 0.2 mile)
Spotlighters Theatre
817 St. Paul St. 21202  (7 min walk, 0.3 mile)
Lyric Opera House
140 W. Mt. Royal Ave. 21201 (9 min walk, 0.4 mile)
Center Stage
700 N. Calvert St. 21202 (11 min walk, 0.5 mile)
Hippodrome Theater
12 N. Eutaw St. 21201 (0.9 miles away)
Everyman Theatre
315 W. Fayette St. 21201  (0.9 miles away)

Baltimore School for the Arts
712 Cathedral St. 21201 (5 min walk, 0.2 mile)
University of Baltimore
1420 N. Charles St. 21201 (10 min walk, 0.5 mile)
MICA (MD Institute College of Art)
1300 W. Mt. Royal Ave. 21217 (11 min walk, 0.5 mile)
BIC (Baltimore International College)
17 Commerce St. 21202 (1.2 miles away)
Johns Hopkins University
3400 N. Charles St. 21218 (1.8 miles away)
Stratford University
210 S. Central Ave 21202 (1.8 miles away)
Morgan State University
1700 E. Cold Spring La. 21251 (4.4 miles away)

University of Maryland Medical Center  
827 Linden Ave. 21201 (6 min walk, 0.3 mile)
Johns Hopkins Hospital
Medstar Union Memorial  
201 E University Pkwy 21218